Merry Christmas 

Joyous Christmas Wishing you and yours a very special & joyous Christmas.  We are heading up to Mammoth for the first time in years, and I can’t wait for a white Christmas with the ones I love.  Here’s hoping I can still turn on a snowboard.  May you all relax, enjoy, love and indulge over this mini holiday break.  There’s nothing quite like this time of year.  Love you all.


For love & lemons: swim debut resort 16

December 11, 2015

static1.squarespace-26 It came as no surprise to me when FL&L announced they were releasing a swimwear line; all of their lingerie is amazing, and what haven’t they created at this point.  Between their insanely swoon-worthy lookbooks, cozy yet somehow sexy Knitz, and their occasional collaborations, I was so excited to see what they’d come up with.  The collection is flirty & hot (but who can wear those thongs?) and always delicately girly.  Heres a look at the For Love & Lemons Swim Debut Collection 2016, and a few of my favs.

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Can’t wait to get my hands on this retro string bikini, plunging black top, and obsessing over these high-waisted bottoms.

Unique la 2015

December 9, 2015

unique usa open

Had so much fun at Unique LA this weekend supporting my bestie and her insanely amazing jewelry line Katherine Wada.   IMG_1125 kew

A first timer at the two-day fair, I was excited to check out the spectacle that is Unique Markets, curated for and by the talented makers for handcrafted gifts and goodies.  The inspiration was overwhelming, but I managed to pick up a few Christmas gifts and discover so many new brands.  Some of my favorite vendors included:

  • The amazing candles and bath salts from Violet & Lark.  Obsessed with their packaging & aesthetic, and finally decided my fav scents are Lemon Rosemary and Violet Jasmine.
  • For all the bride-to-bes out there, The Blushing Bird is a soft and feminine brand for bridal accessory inspo.  They had the sweetest little booth, equipped with champs so you know I’m sold, and offer everything from baroque to bohemian headpieces and bridal accessories.  I even tried on this halo and fell in love.

IMG_1139 IMG_1144 IMG_1140 IMG_1138-Recovered

  • I was instantly drawn to the allure of Babies4Babies and the dreamy prints & patterns on their baby swaddles.  Bonus: they’re on a mission to save one million newborns, so each swaddle purchase saves four newborn lives.  I love an adorable brand with an amazing cause, and they’re a no-brainer gift for all the pregnant mamas I know.
  • I’ve never seen anything like the gorgeous Janjoon Jewelry.  I couldn’t get enough of this Triangle Ombre Necklace and Gossamer Necklace.  These one-of-a-kind beauties are so detailed, the woven chain looks like crochet lace.


  • Fell in love with the leather & denim goods that are Good West Co.  Kicking myself for not buying a card holder, but certain any of their bags or small goods would make for a special Christmas gift.


  • Obsessed with the textiles and treats at Someware.  From plush pillows and dainty napkins to their [on-sale] lace-up sandals, these goods are golden.

Came & went

December 8, 2015

And suddenly its the second week in December and we’re all panicking when someone asks – “How’s your Christmas shopping coming along?”  Except me – I’ve got a pretty decent start – even though it seems the more gifts I’m able to check off the longer my list grows.

And then its like a rush to the finish line for holiday DIYs, squeezing in get togethers, finding tasty recipes and actual work, there’s always that.  I was trying to find a night to do dinner with my mom and sister and realized we only have two Thursdays til Christmas Eve.  But it’s especially important, with end-of-the-year deadlines looming and the sun that seems to set at 4pm, to make sure you’re scheduling time for those cheery nights doing the traditions you love.  They end up being the finest gifts the season brings.

This weekend I was able to do some decorating and get a little tree for Erik’s place.  I’ve built such a collection of ornaments, thanks to my mom, that I couldn’t go a year without hanging them.  I’ve carried on the tradition and love gifting ornaments this time of year.  Here are some of my favorites this season: record player, donut, flamingo, wirebubble gumgolf bag, vintage santa, diamond

We’ve also officially outfitted our pup in not one, but two, winter sweaters.  We said we wouldn’t be that couple, but little Char gets so cold it’s really function with an added bonus of fashion/utter cuteness.  I’m loving the accessories and goods at Rocky & Julio.

I spent Sunday in the City of Angeles with my bestie showcasing her fab jewelry line, Katherine Wada, at Unique LA (details to come).

Happy week!  Or should I say countdown to Christmas / the New Year?