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[The best] chocolate frosting

April 16, 2015

DSC_0562 copy

Um.  I don’t know why its taken me so long to post this recipe but it’s finally here.  And really worth it.

Seriously the best chocolate frosting. ever.  I don’t even love chocolate, and I’m obsessed with this frosting.  Licking it off the paddle, finger-grazing side of perfectly frosted cake good.  Works well with yellow cake, raspberry cake, any cake.  You’ll see what I mean.


  • 2 sticks unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 4 cups confectioner’s sugar
  • ½ cup cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons milk

Blend butter, sugar and cocoa powder to bowl & mix on high until smooth.  Add vanilla and milk until frosting is fluffy and smooth.  And it’ll be real smooth.  The perfect consistency and sinful taste.

Original recipe via Grandbaby Cakes!

Came & went

January 27, 2015

Celebrating someone you love is so much fun.  We spent the weekend doing just that, as Erik’s mom welcomed a very special birthday.  It’s amazing how much more enriched your life becomes when you meet a boy you love, and have the added bonus of loving their family, too.  I’m beyond grateful for Erik’s family welcoming me in with such warmth, making me feel at home but also being the type of gals I’d want to surround myself with even if I wasn’t dating their son/brother ♥  Sometimes that dynamic can be a struggle, but I’m spoiled to have such a close relationship with the other, and original, women in his life.  It’s also been a gift that the minute I met his mom she gave me the warm&fuzzies because of how much she did, and still continues to, remind me of my Aunt Susie.  For that I will always love her even more.

Oh, and I got my baking confidence back.  After a major Christmas snafu (too much orange juice making for a dense, oozing cake) I thought I might be scarred for good.  But Saturday Erik’s sister, Cecily, and I spent the day baking and we created the most fluffy yellow cake with the most decadent chocolate frosting, and a sweet lemon bundt cake with a drizzle glaze.  Needless to say I’m back.  I guess all it took was a co-baker to relieve some of the pressure and some Sparkling Rosé.  Excited to share the recipes with you!

Happy week, and happiest birthday to my little doon Shannon.  xx

Suja essentials 3-day

July 10, 2014


It’s always awkward when you end a cleanse.  You feel so good about the feat you’ve achieved, but the last thing you’d want to do is reward yourself by eating a cookie for fear you’d undo it all.  It’s not like you deserve it.  Sure, three days is a long time to eat clean and suffer from mini migraines sans coffee.  But to me, that’s what they’re all about – detoxifying your body.  Sure, a lot of people get excited about the initial few pounds they might lose (water weight) or weirdly like that starved feeling (I’ve been there) but those are just temporary.  After humoring almost every fad diet in college and jumping on any juice available, I’ve learned and believe a cleanse should clean you out, make you more aware of your eating habits, and get you back on the healthy track.  I’ve just finished the Suja Essentials Organic 3-Day Fresh Start (exclusively at Costco for only $30) and it does just that.  I loved it.

Coming off the long 4th of July [bender], I was more than excited to juice it off.  While the Suja cleanse wasn’t a pump me full of all the nutrients I can get and starve out all the crap I’ve consumed cleanse, I loved it because the juices were delicious and you didn’t starve.  The pack supplied 9 juices, 3 per day, and a booklet filled with recipes and shopping lists for the 3 mini meals you’re allowed post juice.  Starting the morning with a kick-in-the-butt Spicy Lemonade, I felt like it temporarily woke me up like the smell of coffee does.  30 minutes after, or ‘when hunger kicks in’, you’re allowed a mini meal, and the booklet suggests a handful of awesome meals suited for any lifestyle (on the go or able to cook).  For lunch, Green Greatness gave me that feeling of a true juice cleanse; a green drink with all the daunting leaves and veggies, but tastes great.  Vanilla Nutz is the night-cap and I’ll admit it felt weird drinking a sweet, creamy drink for dinner, but it’s filled with protein and coats your stomach before craving something big to follow.  After your nighttime mini meal, you’re on repeat for 2 more days.  Unlike other cleanses, you’ll be refreshed by how easy the juices go down and the diversity in your days because of the mini meals – a few of my favorites being the raw oats, black bean salad, and granola bars.  I also loved the recipes because they were a good reminder of natural spices and flavor enhancers like mustard, cinnamon and maple syrup.  A little bit of somethin’ for everyone, you see.

Conclusion:  I’m on the Suja train, and I’d recommend the Fresh Start to anyone.  I’m motivated to continue eating clean and incorporating juices into my weekly meals.  I’m also excited to try the Suja Classic Fresh Start, where you’re encouraged to only drink the six provided juices and lots of water for 1, 2 or 3 days.  P.S.  For all you coffee lovers like me, they have a Macachino I’m dying to try and see if it does the trick.  New morning ritual?  Good luck juicers!

This post was written out of opinion&experience, not based on any nutritional background or formal training.  If you disagree with me or have something to add, please share!