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Time flies

June 8, 2017

And then you’re married.

We. are. married!!!

Omg you guys, it was a dream.  It’s crazy how you don’t quite understand how it can really be the best day of your life until it is, and then you’re like, “holy shit”.

(Some sneaks from our brilliant photographer/my favorite person ever Andria Lindquist)

More sneaks on Andria’s blog, too!

Pardon my absence, but I’ve been thoroughly consumed the last year of my life being engaged, planning a wedding, settling into a condo, raising a puppy, working, working out, being in best friends’ weddings – the list goes on and on.  But the big one is the wedding.  You spend an entire year of your life (give or take) planning the biggest party of your life, and then day-of, you’re not even the one executing it.  You hand it over to someone else, hold your breath and pray it goes off without a hitch.  And it does.  Luckily I was in great hands, and all the planning paid off, but no matter how hard you try there are going to be little details that don’t turn out the way you think, but it’s still somehow perfect.  So many more details on that special day to come.

Life after wedding.  We’ve been on this really fluffy, happy cloud where all you do is eat and drink and be merry.  And wait for your profesh photos and videos and find yourself scrolling through your wedding hashtag over and over and over again.  Even though it’s not physically different, it does feel different.  We were walking Charlie the other day and I just couldn’t help but think – “we did it, we’re actually married.”  Erik and I have been together for almost six years.  We’ve had a puppy for two.  We moved into our condo after being engaged for six months, so while we’re not adjusting to living together post-wedding, our home feels different.  Calling him my husband feels different.  It feels like I’ve known him my whole life but getting to experience this thing together, and continue to feel this overwhelming feeling makes you realize how big, and how different, it is.

And then we adopted another puppy.  This was not planned.  In fact, we had pretty much just gotten over the puppy hump with Charlie, and then we found Lolita (Lola, Lola Bear, Lolo).  A month ago we went down to Valle De Guadalupe for the weekend, as a birthday gift to my dad and a wedding thank-you to my parents.  WE HAD THE BEST TIME.  Full Valle De Guadalupe recap to come, but we came back with more than just bottles of wine.  We found Lola at Finca la Carrodilla, and it was love at first sight.  After learning she was basically up for grabs after being left in a trash can, I couldn’t leave her.  We brought Lola home to meet her new big sis, and we’ve been puppy training (again) since.  But she’s been the best addition to our ever-growing tribe.

And then we went on our honeymoon.  It was here and we were there and then it passed in the blink of an eye.  We frolicked around London, the Amalfi Coast and then Corsica, and when I’m sitting at work it’s all I can think about.  So many albums to create.  I haven’t even started my wedding THANK YOUs.

I look at the date of my last post and I get depressed; I feel like I let too much time go without checking in.  It almost feels weird coming back because I’ve been gone for so long.  But it was all a matter of time, and I have so much to share.  At least throughout the year I’ll have plenty of posts to fill you in on, like our house projects and the beast of a black dresser I spent five weekends scrubbing so I could paint white, all of the trips and travel, wedding details and DIYs.  The ideas are literally pouring out of my head and I keep stumbling over thoughts and sentences, so I need to get organized.  Thanks for waiting, it’s so good to be back.

And happy 2017!  It’s already been my favorite year, but I feel like this is just the beginning.


¡We’re engaged!

May 24, 2016


In a little Italian restaurant in Little Italy, on my mom’s birthday, Erik proposed.  It was the most magical night.  Ever.


You get to a certain point in your relationship, or when you’re certain you’ve found the right one, and you’re just ready.  I have been ready for a while…  But never did I think I’d be the type of girl pushing for it or needing to be engaged.  With Erik, I was so ready to take the next step.  To start the next chapter.  To be his forever.  And ya, to plan the wedding of our dreams.  So we went ring shopping and he had me hanging on every little comment.  I hate to admit it, but I turned into the girl who was so consumed with getting engaged at times, I annoyed even myself.  After my best friend’s bachelorette in Cabo, I came back a little more relaxed, and found a way to not be so fixated on the ‘when’, but took comfort in knowing it would happen.  Little did I know it’d be nine days later.  My mom told me all she wanted for her birthday was for me to have a ring on my finger.  I told her that wasn’t really my gift to give… but that I’d love it too.  Erik doesn’t believe me, but the morning of her birthday I woke up and thought to myself, “if he really wanted to throw me off and surprise me, he’d ask me tonight” since I knew that under any other pretense I wouldn’t be as surprised.  Erik’s not one for big public displays, and I didn’t think there was any way he’d propose in front of my family or a crowded restaurant, so I dropped it.  I got up, dressed for work, and went on with my day.


Towards the end of dinner, I was talking to my brother across the table as Erik said to my mom quietly, “Isn’t there one more gift?” and before I knew it, he was sliding out his chair to get on one knee.  As the story goes, everything was a blur, and I just remember shaking so much and a few tears I quickly wiped away, and then never wanting to let him go.  I think he initially opened the box upside down, had to ask me twice because I was in such shock I couldn’t respond, and I definitely forgot there was an entire audience watching.  But it was perfect.  Everyone in the restaurant was clapping as the waiter walked out to bring dessert and sing my mom happy birthday.   On the drive home we called [almost] everyone we know, popped some champagne with the fam, and I’ve been in a love daze ever since.


And now we’re engaged.  We’ve picked a date and a venue and I’ve signed with a wedding coordinator.  We’ll be getting married in Palm Springs in April 2017, and I’m SO excited to see the pieces coming together.  I knew I’d be way too good at being a bride.  I’ve only been planning my wedding since way before it was ok to…  Not to mention, pretty much everyone around me is getting married, too, so I’ve had some practice ♥

6S7A9106 Last weekend we took engagement photos in Mount Laguna and it was such a fun little adventure.  The weather was crazy and I was worried it’d look like we took them in Portland because the fog was so thick and the sky was so grey.  Luckily, we reached an elevation literally above the clouds, and it was like a different world.  I know for our wedding photography I want a moody film aesthetic, but for our engagement photos I wanted something fun and natural.  I somehow found Jordan Lutes, and now I want him to be my best friend because his photos are rad and we had the best day shooting with him.  Of course Charlie had her spotlight, too.


In the few months we’ve been engaged, I’ve been more emotional (in a good way) and more in a love daze (in the best way) and could never be prepared for such an experience.  It already feels like so much more and so much greater.  Its overwhelming actually, but maybe that’s just me.  Everyone prepares you for the premature questions you’ll be asked and the sense of bombardment you’ll feel upon getting engaged, but no one quite prepares you how you will feel.  It’s the best.

And now for the planning and parties and all the good stuff.  I’m just happy to have my man, forever.


PS.  #myhrome

We’ve always used the phrase “marg me” or “vacation me”.  Its our lazy way of saying we want something, so it only makes sense to attribute Myhro Me to our trying the knot.  What do you think?!

Happy new year: 2016

February 23, 2016

I’ve decided I’m going to do things a little different this year.  While I wholeheartedly believe its important to blog each day – to develop good habits, improve on writing skills and touch readers while building a following – I started losing the enjoyment and satisfaction of it all.  Theres this certain mystery that I find appealing and that I like to keep.  For a while I thought I’d want to share every secret, detail, purchase, heartache, joy with my audience, but I’m learning that’s just not me.  To make sure I was posting at least weekly, my content became more of a Came & Went series rather than a combination of all things Flower Crowns & Candy.  Now I’m going through a process where I’m doing, rather than sharing, but I feel like I’ve been building this big portfolio of things I’ve done and experienced and want to share, and will.

I read somewhere that February is a great time to actually kick off your New Year’s goals.  January is a direct rebound from all the indulging and damage done over the holidays (for some that’s Halloween to New Years Eve).  You see it in the gym.  January is the month of hardcore resolutions that burn out Feb. 1.  Luckily for me, swim suit season came early this year, as we leave for my best friend’s bachelorette on THURSDAY in Cabo!  That means, no February bounce-back for us.  Even still, if you’re slow like me to formulate your goals for the year, its ok.  Its better to take your time thinking about what you really want for yourself and for the coming year, rather than rushing into goals that aren’t necessary or maintainable.  Don’t make them resolutions, but goals.

It took me two months, but here are just a few of my 2016 goals.  What are some of yours?!


PS.  OMG.  Reviewing my 2015 goals was so ridic.  I was truly able to surprise myself and accomplish many, yet epically failed a few.  Though kinda fun/kinda painful, goal setting builds character.  Here’s a 2015 recap:

  1. Give Flower Crowns a makeover – check.
  2. Rekindle something – maybe a high school friendship that had gone a little stale.
  3. Get to New York – nope.  Thinking I never will.
  4. Frequent museums – OK so I didn’t frequent.  But I did go to a few…
  5. Surprise someone – Erik was pretty surprised with his 30th bday party!
  6. Give a speech – nope, but I’ll get to check that off my list this April at a special wedding…
  7. Cook often – Erik and I got way better at grocery shopping and making meals together.
  8. Find a charity I believe in – I donated to my dad’s Pedal the Cause, which was amazing, but I have yet to find something that has moved me to join.
  9. Sew something – I sewed a pretty amazing head wrap, with a little help/guidance from a friend.
  10. Start a new family tradition – collectively, we all decided to spend Christmas in Mammoth, and I’m really hoping that’s a new family tradition.
  11. Selfie more – why…
  12. Instagram stalk less – admittedly, probably remained the same.  Getting better?
  13. Road trip – check.
  14. Love my butt – check.
  15. Don’t hit snooze – epic fail.


A galentine’s day party

February 22, 2016

img_2347 There are few things I enjoy more than planning a party.  With a few super talented girlfriends.  Parties filled with sweets & savors and balloon letter banners.  A day of dolling up and drinking champs, snapping Polaroids and reenacting Beyonce’s latest music video.

Ok so I wasn’t reenacting, but I was on the sidelines egging on my friends.

A few weekends ago I helped throw a Galentine’s Day Party [February 13th, the other half of Valentine’s Day when you celebrate your love for your lady friends].  If you didn’t know that was the unofficially embraced definition, you aren’t alone.  I just assumed Galentine’s Day was a girls only Valentine’s Day.  Aka, another reason to throw a partay.

I’ve mentioned my girlfriend Kaitlynn and her pastry talents before, so you can imagine helping her with a party was nothing short of fabulous.  And then there’s Christina, a natural aesthete who rules at all things food & drink and loves a good project as much as me.  We’re talking secret Pinterest-board collaborating and multiple weeknight DIY sessions – a clique who truly speaks my language.  We’ve thrown out the idea of teaming up and starting our own biz – a force to be reckoned with – but for now we’re content spending tons of money spoiling our friends ; )  From donut hole trees to dip-dyed ombre napkins, the details are decadent.  Til the next one.  xo

desserts img_2277 img_2361 reel
img_2342 img_2352

img_2350 (OK so this wasn’t from the party, even though Kailtynn could have easily created.  It’s from Hidden House Coffee in San Juan Capistrano.  On the real deal Valentine’s Day, we took a train ride up the coast to The Ramos House Cafe for their weekend brunch.  DELISH.)

Came & went

December 8, 2015

And suddenly its the second week in December and we’re all panicking when someone asks – “How’s your Christmas shopping coming along?”  Except me – I’ve got a pretty decent start – even though it seems the more gifts I’m able to check off the longer my list grows.

And then its like a rush to the finish line for holiday DIYs, squeezing in get togethers, finding tasty recipes and actual work, there’s always that.  I was trying to find a night to do dinner with my mom and sister and realized we only have two Thursdays til Christmas Eve.  But it’s especially important, with end-of-the-year deadlines looming and the sun that seems to set at 4pm, to make sure you’re scheduling time for those cheery nights doing the traditions you love.  They end up being the finest gifts the season brings.

This weekend I was able to do some decorating and get a little tree for Erik’s place.  I’ve built such a collection of ornaments, thanks to my mom, that I couldn’t go a year without hanging them.  I’ve carried on the tradition and love gifting ornaments this time of year.  Here are some of my favorites this season: record player, donut, flamingo, wirebubble gumgolf bag, vintage santa, diamond

We’ve also officially outfitted our pup in not one, but two, winter sweaters.  We said we wouldn’t be that couple, but little Char gets so cold it’s really function with an added bonus of fashion/utter cuteness.  I’m loving the accessories and goods at Rocky & Julio.

I spent Sunday in the City of Angeles with my bestie showcasing her fab jewelry line, Katherine Wada, at Unique LA (details to come).

Happy week!  Or should I say countdown to Christmas / the New Year?