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For love & lemons: swim debut resort 16

December 11, 2015

static1.squarespace-26 It came as no surprise to me when FL&L announced they were releasing a swimwear line; all of their lingerie is amazing, and what haven’t they created at this point.  Between their insanely swoon-worthy lookbooks, cozy yet somehow sexy Knitz, and their occasional collaborations, I was so excited to see what they’d come up with.  The collection is flirty & hot (but who can wear those thongs?) and always delicately girly.  Heres a look at the For Love & Lemons Swim Debut Collection 2016, and a few of my favs.

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Can’t wait to get my hands on this retro string bikini, plunging black top, and obsessing over these high-waisted bottoms.

Stone_cold_fox: holiday/resort 15

November 3, 2015

scf-holiday2015-7 Queen of the Skye

Its been a while since I’ve posted a lookbook, but it made sense because everything in the Stone Cold Fox Holiday/Resort 2015 collection is comeback-worthy.  Just let me know where I can get that embroidered militant jacket, and maybe them crowns.

Oh & if anyone’s interested in sending me a gift, my favs are the Virgo Dress [obvi], the Libra Jumpsuit, and the Aries Tube.  Christmas is here.

scf-holiday2015-1 scf-holiday2015-2 scf-holiday2015-4 scf-holiday2015-11 scf-holiday2015-10 scf-holiday2015-3-1 scf-holiday2015-9 scf-holiday2015-6 scf-holiday2015-14 scf-holiday2015-5 scf-holiday2015-15

Katherine wada: 2015 launch collection

June 19, 2015

Lucky Arrow Tassel Necklace, Trillion Unicorn Necklace

Ummmm.  My best friend started a jewelry line, and I couldn’t be more proud/excited/in awe.

signature necklaces

Meet Katherine Wada.  Since our first encounter in Greek Mythology 101 at Cal State Long Beach, the girl was a walking Glamour spread.  Her perfectly effortless outfits and equally adorned accessories put any girl in her path to shame.  Her apartment a museum, filled with gems & jewels & everything a girl in college could be so lucky to know about, let alone own.  She was bound for brilliance.  I knew her classic style would transform into something the world would eventually know & adore, and I’d have to share her.  Katherine has always exuded the epitome of fabulous, so naturally her self-titled jewelry line would, too.

Some people let their ideas grow into a business, and others groom their businesses for success.  Katherine has manicured her jewelry line for Bloomingdale’s, and the jokes on us when it’s there quicker than we can blink.

Venus Rings, Venus O Rings

Her debut collection, ‘inspired by vintage jewels with modern influences’, is just the tip of the unicorn’s horn.  From her signature pendants and delicate body chains to her interchangeable leather tassels and sleek cuffs, KEW Jewels are every bit original as they are perfect.  Made from the best quality metals & stones, these timeless pieces are jewelry box royalty for the anygirl.


I love pieces that you can mix, match & layer.  The collection is for anyone who loves to accessorize or just wants a single statement piece.” – KEW

bracelets and rings
Venus Bracelet Cuffs

So proud of my beautiful friend and all the excitement, attention & success coming her way.  I can only hope to keep up with her fabulousness to come ♥

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Stone_cold_fox: holiday resort 14

November 19, 2014

BigSur15.5 holiday-resort-2 holiday-resort-3 holiday-resort-4 holiday-resort-5 holiday-resort-6 holiday-resort-7 holiday-resort-8 holiday-resort-9
via Stone Cold Fox

It wouldn’t be very flower crowns & candy of me to not post a lookbook from my favorite label.  As always, Stone Cold Fox turns heads in their latest holiday lookbook.  I’ll admit my first thought was, its not innovative, but I still love it.  From the James Dress to bringing back the Emerald Onyx gown, I’m all over the make-you-wanna-bathe-in-Big-Sur collection.  Its simple, fresh and festive, and I’m loving the cold weather pieces styled with the SCF delicates.  My favorite garment of the new collection is the Snow Leopard Texas Tube.  Hands down.