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Beauty tips: berry lips

December 3, 2014

photo copy Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Whether you spent quality time with the fam or went on an adventure, I hope that it was well taken and thoroughly enjoyed.

This Thanksgiving weekend we hiked, we ate, we laughed, we napped.  So many friends were in town and this was the first year I heard buzz about all the high school reunions – luckily, mine isn’t until next year.  A major highlight of the weekend was having my fabulous girlfriend Blair come over and make me feel pretty; always filling me in on beauty’s latest & greatest.  With the ever-changing trends ands seasons, we’re onto Winter, and all of the berry stains it inspires.  Here are a few of her favorites, including the Tom Ford Bruised Plum she used on me.

Tom Ford Bruised Plum ($50) Chanel 05 Mademoiselle ($35) MAC Heroine ($16)

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Juicy peach

October 29, 2014

Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick >> Juicy Peach ($8.99)

You guys.  This color stick.  I’m obsessed.  I’m often times skeptical of blogger beauty posts, not because I don’t think they’re legit, but I’m always curious if they really like it / love it / use it, above everything else, or if they’re getting paid to promote it.  But I am in LOVE with this moisture stick by Neutrogena, and I didn’t get paid to post it.  I did, however, get it for free after my Nike Women’s Half in San Fran, amid the food tents, beauty tents & massage tents galore.  I was most excited about the Neutrogena tent, however, because I love me some sunscreen and can’t get enough of mascara samples (there’s so many out there?).  My boyfriend and I stood in a few lines and I walked out with what felt like a Christmas stocking.  This color stick ended up being my absolute favorite because its juicy and I apply it like chapstick, yet the hint of color and scent make me feel like I’m wearing gloss.  Just another reason why you have to run the race next year.  I’ll let you know when I’m sponsored by Neutrogena…