Our wedding: boudoir

July 12, 2017

If you have the opportunity to do a boudoir shoot, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.  I had always wanted to do boudoir photos, but sometimes they felt a little cheesy.  Still, the thought of planning a day with a girlfriend or two, getting dolled up, having fun pics to surprise Erik with on his 30th bday, etc, it all sounded so fun.  But it never worked out or it felt a little forced or it simply didn’t happen.  And then I met Andria, our wedding photographer, and she offered it as a wedding add-on and I knew it was the perfect time.  I planned my bridesmaid brunch the Thursday before the wedding so I could shoot with Andria on Friday.  Little did Erik know while he was enjoying his Golf with the Groom outing his little wifey-to-be was gettin’ sexy.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  We played music and popped some bubbly and I had Courtney and Kelly there for moral support.  Added bonus: it gave me an opportunity to have girl time with Andria and basically become besties, which made for even better wedding photos.  I highly recommend doing engagement photos with your wedding photographer.  I am so happy we took ours with Jordan Lutes, as Andria’s in Seattle so it would have been impossible or v expensive anyway, but now I know why its such a good idea.  If nothing else, its important to meet for coffee or wine or have some good phone convos – it just makes the whole process so much more comfortable when you’ve established that bond beforehand.

But back to boudoir.  I probably wouldn’t have felt as inclined to do a boudoir sesh the day before my wedding if Andria wasn’t Andria.  I felt comfortable with her, and it gave me an excuse to get extra pampered and then head over to our Rehearsal Dinner feelin’ sexy.  That night I wrote Erik a card and teased him with a few Polaroids Andria snapped during our shoot.  He loved them ♥

Once I got the hi-res pics back, I had so much fun creating a gorgeous Layflat Album (above) with Artifact Uprising.  I plan to use them for our wedding and honeymoon albums, too.  Eventually.

If your wedding photographer doesn’t offer boudoir or it’s too hectic to do the day before your wedding, I still suggest doing them at some point during your engagement (even better to surprise him with day-of?!) or maybe for your one-year anniversary.  Nowadays there are so many creatives that offer sessions like Andria’s Oh Sh!t, We’re Sexy workshops.  Start doing some digging in your city, or reach out and I’ll help you find some!

But there you have it.  The most fun/interactive gift you can do for your hubby.  In Andria’s words, boudoir photos are a “little gift to him for your wedding? sure.  more like little gift to you to remind you….damn girl, you fine.”

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