Stone_cold_fox: a kiss of fate

February 24, 2016

spring2016-2 Ok.  Its been like a week since SCF debuted their most recent A Kiss of Fate collection, but we leave for Cabo tomorrow and it only seems appropriate to let you know – I wish I was taking every piece with me.  And I have a very large girl crush on Georgia Fowler.  That’s all. spring2016-1 spring2016-3 spring2016-5 spring2016-7 spring2016-8 spring2016-9 spring2016-10 spring2016-12 spring2016-17 spring2016-19 spring2016-22 spring2016-23 spring2016-25 spring2016-27 spring2016-28 spring2016-32 spring2016-33 spring2016-250

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