Happy new year: 2016

February 23, 2016

I’ve decided I’m going to do things a little different this year.  While I wholeheartedly believe its important to blog each day – to develop good habits, improve on writing skills and touch readers while building a following – I started losing the enjoyment and satisfaction of it all.  Theres this certain mystery that I find appealing and that I like to keep.  For a while I thought I’d want to share every secret, detail, purchase, heartache, joy with my audience, but I’m learning that’s just not me.  To make sure I was posting at least weekly, my content became more of a Came & Went series rather than a combination of all things Flower Crowns & Candy.  Now I’m going through a process where I’m doing, rather than sharing, but I feel like I’ve been building this big portfolio of things I’ve done and experienced and want to share, and will.

I read somewhere that February is a great time to actually kick off your New Year’s goals.  January is a direct rebound from all the indulging and damage done over the holidays (for some that’s Halloween to New Years Eve).  You see it in the gym.  January is the month of hardcore resolutions that burn out Feb. 1.  Luckily for me, swim suit season came early this year, as we leave for my best friend’s bachelorette on THURSDAY in Cabo!  That means, no February bounce-back for us.  Even still, if you’re slow like me to formulate your goals for the year, its ok.  Its better to take your time thinking about what you really want for yourself and for the coming year, rather than rushing into goals that aren’t necessary or maintainable.  Don’t make them resolutions, but goals.

It took me two months, but here are just a few of my 2016 goals.  What are some of yours?!


PS.  OMG.  Reviewing my 2015 goals was so ridic.  I was truly able to surprise myself and accomplish many, yet epically failed a few.  Though kinda fun/kinda painful, goal setting builds character.  Here’s a 2015 recap:

  1. Give Flower Crowns a makeover – check.
  2. Rekindle something – maybe a high school friendship that had gone a little stale.
  3. Get to New York – nope.  Thinking I never will.
  4. Frequent museums – OK so I didn’t frequent.  But I did go to a few…
  5. Surprise someone – Erik was pretty surprised with his 30th bday party!
  6. Give a speech – nope, but I’ll get to check that off my list this April at a special wedding…
  7. Cook often – Erik and I got way better at grocery shopping and making meals together.
  8. Find a charity I believe in – I donated to my dad’s Pedal the Cause, which was amazing, but I have yet to find something that has moved me to join.
  9. Sew something – I sewed a pretty amazing head wrap, with a little help/guidance from a friend.
  10. Start a new family tradition – collectively, we all decided to spend Christmas in Mammoth, and I’m really hoping that’s a new family tradition.
  11. Selfie more – why…
  12. Instagram stalk less – admittedly, probably remained the same.  Getting better?
  13. Road trip – check.
  14. Love my butt – check.
  15. Don’t hit snooze – epic fail.


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