Came & went: August & September

September 30, 2015

Oh my.

Well August Came & Went.  And then September somehow slipped by.  And now here we are – now I have a puppy and my life will never be the same (in the best way).

Meet Charlie.

IMG_3207 she’s almost 4 months old and is a little rescue Yorkie-Terrier-Schnauzer (we think) mix from Helen Woodward chillin IMG_3319.JPG sleep 2 and like her mom, she can sleep anywhere IMG_3449 and she’s my favorite little thing in the world, even when she knows she’s in trouble sleeping from her puppy dreams to the peculiar way she sleeps, the peacock feathers on the top of her head cruisin the way she cruises around with us – shopping in my purse or on coffee runs
IMG_3218.JPG she’s pretty much completed our little family ♥

You’d never believe the story, really.  Basically one of those teen movie moments – like the finale of a rom-com or the “Dirty Dancing” scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love – happened to me.  The moment where my boyfriend walked into the restaurant during my birthday dinner, puppy in hands, and says she’s mine.  I really thought it was a joke.  We were down in Mission Hills having dinner at The Patio on Goldfinch (delish).  On our way down, he told me he had to run out at some point and deliver something to his mom (which he really did) who was sick and couldn’t join us (which she wasn’t).  Little did I know, he had to run out and meet our pup, also for the very first time, and bring her in to see me.  That same day (my birthday mind you) Erik’s mom had driven up to the shelter after they had seen Fawn (her given name), and fallen in love.  They couldn’t believe she was available, but when his mom got up there, other families were in line for her of course.  She sent him a text and he called off the plan, knowing no one had gotten hurt.  The next text he got from his mom read “She’s ours”.  Enter the dinner scene.  I’m sitting in my chair as he walks in, and I’m looking at him like “Cool joke, guy – that’s exactly the kind of pup I want and you know it” but as he assured me I could keep her and put her in my arms, the rest is a little blurry.  On the drive home we named her Charlie, and from then on, we were both in love.  More in love with each other it feels like, and so in love with this little animal that’s already brought us so much joy.  Sometimes when I look at her little face, I still can’t believe she’s ours.  Or that he was able to pull it off.  Or that she’s ours, and he’s mine.

She’s the sweetest little girl who ever lived, and she’s already more loved than maybe anything should be.  It’s crazy to find myself so obsessed with something I had nothing to do with, but that now consumes me.  I think Erik and I finally have an idea of why all those crazy people act crazy over their kids.  And so the rest of the month got away from us.

But let me take you back to August.


In August we flew to Vegas to throw a bachelorette party for one of my best girlfriends in the world.  We popped bubbly and danced our bums off to send our little Barbie bride into marriage-hood in style.  I can’t wait for the rest of the festivities, and for the wedding that’s now right around the corner.

meyer me IMG_3441 *Polaroids* IMG_3145 IMG_3442 The girls wore fake engagement rings all weekend and I got real comfortable in mine

And then it was my birthday.

Last week month I turned 28.  It seems so old and I’m getting older, but I don’t even mind the number.  It feels like I’ve already lived a crazy year, what with a new puppy and all the recent excitement, but I feel like the excitement is just beginning.

IMG_3443 I have heard/seen so much of Bloom That, and then my bestie sent me these tulips for my bday and I’m sold.  Such a cute company (and their packaging).

For the first time in my life I feel like I kinda get it.  I don’t know exactly what triggered it, but the other day I was driving and I saw a guy in front of his house admiring his yard and I felt this weird maturity about me.  Ok, I really wanted a yard, but I also had a moment where I really stopped and appreciated where I live, the people who are in my life, the love I have felt and received the last few years, and all of the [maybe small] but empowering achievements I’ve been able to accomplish in my life.  So turning 28 has felt pretty damn good.

And then Erik turned the big 3 0, so of course we had to throw him a little fiesta.  Originally I intended to throw him a surprise party, but with all the recent surprises surrounding us, I told him about it.  It ended up being quite the Dirty Thirty bash over at Tony’s Jacal (where Erik happened to take me on our first date) and they were so amazing to us I’d have them host our party over and over again.  The night was filled with tequila shots, smooches, singing and celebrating the boy who never likes attention.  If there was one thing I wanted to give him for his bday, it was to show him how loved he is; for him to feel just how loved his is by everyone around him.  We had an overwhelming crew of amazing friends that night, and we sure showed him.

IMG_3251 IMG_3325  The cake my insanely talented friend made for Erik’s party

After that, we tried to relax a little.  But weren’t able to a lot.  Heres what else has been going on.

IMG_3254 Enjoying my Ruby Mint towel and the endless summer weather over here in Cardiff-by-the-Sea IMG_3381  Cutest idea ever: The hostesses of a baby shower I recently attended asked guests to bring their favorite childhood book in place of a greeting card.  I brought The Giving Tree. IMG_3447 The couch I fell in love with at the thrift store and would have bought had I owned a house IMG_3448 Ok.  I’m getting better and better at crafting cocktails, but I might have made one of my best yet the other night.  I give you the Peach Margarita.

I also recently got a little promotion, making my title Graphics Coordinator.  And my sister joined my firm, so that means another Farrington in commercial real estate and one less in fashion : )  But I do feel so lucky to have her in my very office, to learn and be shaped by the best, and I get to steal her for lunch.  And the mall is just across the street.

I’m also having too much fun building my graphics portfolio – even if it’s just friends and family who benefit.  I just made the invites for my bestie’s sophisticated Mexican fiesta shower soirée in October, and I’m really tickled by the finished product.  Now my mom and I are neck-deep in the planning, but we make a good team.

I do apologize for being so MIA over the last 2 months, and without any warning.  As you can see I’ve been a little preoccupied, and sometimes its nice to give yourself a little breather from it all, whatever it may be.  I plan to take October by storm, so let’s make it a good one together.  Lots of love & kisses from me & Charlie.


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  1. Kate B.

    Most adorable post ever. I got goosebumps when you were telling the story about Charlie! I can feel your happiness and I’m touched by it. Love you tons. XO


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