Happy new year: 2 0 1 5 !

January 6, 2015

Well hello, 2015!  I can’t believe you’re here already.

Welcoming a new year means an opportunity to hit pause and reflect on the closing year, feel a little nostalgic, flip through photos and evaluate the year as a whole.  When you build an archive, in my case my blog, it somehow morphs into a living, breathing relationship – one that you can reflect on, refer back to, take breaks from.  Sometimes I’m completely mortified when I read old entries, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading my New Year 2014 post about our wild trip to Palm Springs and all the things I planned to focus on this year.  So I didn’t write my goals down daily, but I did put my running shoes back on for another half marathon (which I didn’t think I’d get around to).  I continued to spread my wings and take opportunities like styling Tiffany for her FashionOne show and exploring the coast of Portugal with the fam.  I truly embraced the idea of being at peace, and although I continue to thank my boyfriend and surrounding support for being such positive influences on me, it also came from within, and for that I’m proud.

And now onto the next, because a new year means new goals.

There are tangible goals and intangible goals, and most of them all carry the same importance to me.  It becomes tricky when things can’t be measured or defined or seen, but sometimes the most rewarding things are learned.  It’s amazing how much I feel I’ve learned this last year, and am actually at the age where I can appreciate that knowledge.  In 2015 I hope we all grow and learn and understand more.  I hope 2015 brings so many things: excitement, joy, challenge, surprise, fulfillment, friendship.  To start with the first – excitement – because I’m already tickled by all the weddings my besties are planning next year, that I’ll be part of, that I’ll attend.   Excitement because of some pretty amazing trips we already have planned (hello Cabo).  More than that, I hope for joy.  Joy for myself and others, joy for my friends and family.  Challenge, because how do you arrive at accomplishments without challenges met and overcome?  The list goes on, and on, and on, but let’s be sensible.  With this coming year – the excitement & challenges ahead – I hope to keep these 15 goals in mind as I approach each new day:


Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!  I’d love to hear some of your goals, too!  xo

6 thoughts on “Happy new year: 2 0 1 5 !

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    1. cfairy Post author

      thanks love!! happy happy new year, and i absolutely loved reading your goals as well!!! i think you have some adventures in 2015 too ; ) better learn manual for europe!
      hope to see you soon.


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