DIY: crescent moon ornaments

December 18, 2014

I hinted at the type of ornament I was going for this year with my celestial collage – did you guess it?

What you’ll need:

First screw in the eyelet screw, pushing into the wood until secure.  Be careful not to screw in too far – sometimes the wood is thin and will split if forced too hard.
Holding the ornament by the screw makes it easy to paint on glue without touching it.
Coat with glitter.  You can never have too much glitter to make sure all surfaces are covered, just work over a paper towel and pour the remainder back.
Once coated, spray the moons with clear coat finishing spray so you don’t have glitter everywhere.
Most ornaments are cute on their own, but rarely have cute tassels or string.  I think the added touch of lace or ribbon makes them even more personalized. final DSC_0039
Bonus: If you’re feeling real fancy, use a glue pen to draw henna designs on the moons – then cover with glitter.  I’d love to hear your ideas, too!

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